Tucson Market Update November 2015 Outlook

November 14th, 2014 by Michael Oliver

Just Like In 2010 When This 3200sf Oro Valley Home Sold For $300k (Now Worth Around $375k) Today's Market Offers Lots Of Deals And The Market Is Looking To Expand On Price Again!

Going through the market stats for the past 3 months point to the market picking up specifically in what buyers are willing to pay vs the full list price. For the past couple of months the market has been slightly sluggish with a decent amount of sales occurring, but not the same velocity of sales we saw in the markets last year.

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Investors Starting To Enter The Tucson Market Again

October 21st, 2014 by Michael Oliver

This Tucson area Foreclosure Is 2500sf For Sale At $169k And Would Rent For $1300/mo+ Turn-Key! See More Tucson Foreclosures Here

After seeing most of the investors leave the Tucson market during the second half of 2013 and stay out of the market most of 2014, the Tucson real estate market is starting to offers good values again and investors are showing up to buy them. Just today we had a institutional buyer looking to start buying homes in Tucson after seeing more opportunity in the area. I will say from about April of 2013 until the last 60 days I didn’t see many great deals in the market for investors. The market was short of inventory and prices were great for sellers.

Luxury 4640sf East Side Foreclosure Home For Sale

September 30th, 2014 by Michael Oliver

One of the better homes available in the market right now is this 4640sf, 5/4 3-car garage, pool on 1.61 acres loaded with luxury finishes. Currently a foreclosure home listed for sale but in excellent shape this property is something not found on the market everyday. This property is located on Tucson’s east side to get pricing and see more photos follow the link;  Learn More















New Custom Homes For Sale Tucson: Catalina Foothills

September 22nd, 2014 by Michael Oliver

New Custom Homes In Tucson specifically the Catalina Foothills are starting to show up again as options for buyers starting around $500k for a semi-custom home and up to currently $1.695M for a full luxury custom home/ estate. Here are the options for buyers wanting a brand new home in the Foothills. (Click on the listing photo to obtain more info about each listing)

Below Market NW Tucson Homes

September 16th, 2014 by Michael Oliver

In today’s slightly buyer’s market more homes that are very reasonable deals are showing up. They mostly seem to originate in the foreclosure market as foreclosures, the banks overprice by 25% or more. Then the most probable buyers lose interest and the homes are continuously dropped in price until they are way lower then they would otherwise have been/ should be.

Why this happens is buyers just assume the simple idea of “If the home was such a good bargain, someone would have bought it already.” and they pass it over. Most of the time this is true, but these homes I think are the exception some by quite a ways. Here are the below market homes available on the NW Tucson market currently. (click on the listing photo to see additional info/ photos for each property)

Official Tucson August 2014 Real Estate Market Numbers Out

September 15th, 2014 by Michael Oliver

This Home Just Off Of Campbell North Of River Echoes The Market Where Higher End Homes Specifically High Quality Ones Sell Fast. This Home Priced At $879k Sold In 52 Days! Click For Photos And Additional Info

Market stats are out for the Tucson housing market and as predicted unit sales are down 3.90% signaling a slightly sluggish market. Interestingly enough average sales price is up 7.21% from last year currently at $205,084. This signals higher priced homes are selling vs the lower priced homes. Listings are up, but again sales volume is also up (by 3.03%) this all points to a very healthy upper end marketplace with the lower end having a harder time finding sales. In my experience this change in market happens once you pass the $250k price point. Below $250k there are a lot of ok but not spectacular homes on the market.

Below Market Catalina Foothills Homes For Sale

September 11th, 2014 by Michael Oliver

Tucson, AZ 85750 This home is a raw value 2819sf, with a pool for $254k but it needs updates/ other repair work.

In the Catalina Foothills market there are currently a few options for those buyers wanting under market/ raw value homes. The market in the Foothills is strong specifically under $750k right now as buyers are looking to move into and up within the high quality neighborhoods of 85718, 85750, and also parts of 85704 as well as 85749. Recently several high end foreclosures ($500k+) have found buyers quickly indicating the buyers in the market are switching to raw values vs just paying for a finished home. Earlier this summer you could always find 2-3 higher end foreclosures on the market today none exist below $400k.

Below Market Homes For Sale East/ Southeast Sides Of Tucson

September 10th, 2014 by Michael Oliver

Everyone is always looking for the best deal on a home in Tucson. Here are nine homes that are as of right now available on the East and Southeast sides of Tucson for sale. All of these homes represent great value.

Some need work, others need updating, while still others are move in ready, but all of them represent low pricing for their neighborhoods size and price-points . If you want more information about any of these properties or would like to schedule a showing contact us today! (Click on the photo to get the listing to come up.)

New Spec Homes Going In Oro Valley At La Reserve By DR Horton

September 9th, 2014 by Michael Oliver

New Oro Valley Luxury Homes Going In At La Reserve

In a market that pays for quality homes Dr Horton is now building a couple of spec homes in the luxury neighborhood of La Reserve’s Ponticello at Pusch Ridge. In a test run DR Horton has two spec homes finished and just listed on the market to test how high the market goes in Oro valley for under 3000sf luxury homes. These homes are part of a neighborhood that during the boom was being billed as a luxury development cut literally from the side of the mountain. When the market demand dropped off so did the builder but now DR Horton is looking to find some buyers for home very well finished luxury homes with amazing views just under Pusch Ridge in Oro Valley.

Closed Tucson Home Sales Today 9/8

September 8th, 2014 by Michael Oliver

This Rancho Sahuarita Home Closed Today For A Below Market Price! (101 W Camino Espiga)

Today 71 homes posted as closed with a discount to list price of 1.72% from full asking price. This shows buyers willing to pay up to get into a home. Most of the homes were move-in ready homes with updates which continues the story we are seeing in the market which is: “Quality Sells” this is true in today’s Tucson market. Here are some of the notable homes that posted today.


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