Why do buyers look at my house but not make offers to buy?

April 5th, 2017 by Michael Oliver

"home for sale with pool and palm trees"

Even in today's sellers market some homes get a lot of activity but do not find a buyer willing to buy. Here is some help for those situations.

A question that I hear a lot of others agents in our office answering goes is something along the lines of:
“We have had a lot of buyers take a look at our home but no one is making an offer what is going on?” or “How many showings does it take to sell this house?”

Is Using Charm Pricing A Good Idea When Selling A Home?

February 14th, 2017 by Michael Oliver

Priceless book by Poundstone

Small pricing differences in the list price of your home can make some large differences. This book by William Poundstone is a great read to help understand how pricing works in the real world.

Does setting a more exact list price work better for you as a home seller? Statistically yes; it gets you a higher sale price and buyers are less willing to bring in low offers.

Tucson real estate market short of inventory, sellers should look to cash in!

January 2nd, 2017 by Michael Oliver

The Tucson real estate market is strong but if you are thinking of selling a property 2017 is probably the year to do so.

In today’s Tucson real estate market inventory or the number of home for sale at levels below $800,000 are low. Updated move-in-ready homes specifically in the inner areas of Tucson are very difficult to find for most buyers. After 7-8 years of massive inventory levels that had given buyers too many options 2017 finally looks to be the year that if you are thinking of selling will allow you to get your home sold for a good to great price.

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