7255 E Snyder Road 7206, Our Newest Listing Condo Listing

August 27th, 2016 by Michael Oliver

"7255 Synder Condo For Sale Foothills Home"

This Ventana Area Condo Just Listed For Sale

Our newest condo listing in the Catalina Foothills is this spacious 3-2 condo is in the upscale Villas at Sabino Canyon Condominiums neighborhood. Located at the back of the development this unit offers premium mountain views from the living room with privacy!

Situated in the Ventana Canyon district, it avoids the bustle of the city and delivers on spectacular Sonoran scenery while being only an easy twenty-five-minute drive away from downtown Tucson. The location also provides a perfect location for world class gold at nearby Ventana Canyon (with resort options as well), shopping not to far away  in the Catalina Foothills at La Encantada, as well as many dining options for every budget and category!

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Tucson Builders Falling Behind Expect Build Times To Increase

August 11th, 2016 by Michael Oliver

Get Ready For Longer Built Times And Higher Prices In The New Home Segment Of The Tucson Market

As projected earlier this year the homebuilders in Tucson are starting to fall behind on build times across the Tucson metro region. Homes that were being built from start to finish in January 2016 in 4-5 months are now taking 7 or more months to complete.

The main reason this is happening is due to more demand for homes then workers to build them. Homebuilding in Tucson had been in a severe slump for many years until about 2015. Between last year this time and today the demand for a brand new home has almost never been higher.

Tucson Housing Market Going Up Or About To Fall?

July 12th, 2016 by Michael Oliver

Oro Valley Home We Recently Listed And Sold In 5 Days For FULL PRICE! Proof Of How Strong The Tucson Housing Market Is. Not All Homes Are Demanded Like This However. Read This Post To Understand What Is Happening In The Market.

We have been seeing an a lot of demand this year as buyers feel confident about buying Tucson area homes. Low mortgage rates and a competitive landscape seem to be speeding up the velocity of the marketplace. This has been the case for about the last 6 months in the Tucson area. Many buyers are getting beat out on the best homes and the next time they find one they like they are currently willing to step up and make really good offers out of the gate. I have seen recently buyers willing to pay full price or more on their initial offer just to lock up a house…

Current Tucson Market Update; Oro Valley/ Foothills Markets Strong

October 5th, 2015 by Michael Oliver

This New Listing Of Ours At 8851 Riviera In Oro Valley Has Had Four Showings In Four Days On The Market ! This Is An Example Of How Strong Buyer Demand Is For The More Updated Homes Currently!

The Tucson market is currently going through a shortage of quality inventory with sellers sticking to their prices to make deals. We have seen this tightness in the market a few times over the last 3 years and generally as soon a bit more inventory hits the market; prices get more flexible with sellers not wanting to lose their sale. (That has not yet happened though in this cycle.)

DR Horton Offers Red Tag Event In Tucson

August 13th, 2015 by Michael Oliver

Something new that DR Horton just rolled out today is what they are calling their “Red Tag Event”. I guess since car companies do it a home builder may benefit as well. Basically what they are doing is dropping prices on their spec homes they have had in inventory for a while. In Tucson this works out to about 18 homes. While the pricing is low in most cases in others it’s no low enough as I have seen the majority of these spec homes (also called inventory homes) while showing clients property in the last month.

Tucson Housing Market Strong And Getting Stronger

July 10th, 2015 by Michael Oliver

This high end Catalina Foothills home we recently listed and sold in only 4 days! Not proof in itself that the market is strong ,but properly priced and marketed homes are finding buyers willing to pay premium prices right now in the Tucson market. This is the same in Oro Valley as well.

Market statistics came out yesterday for the Tucson housing market, (click the link to see them) the market here is very strong and it seems to be getting stronger with buyers looking to lock in low rates. Prices are not up an incredible amount YoY (3.67%) however by looking at the unit sales (YoY up 14%) and volume (YoY +18%) if these trends continue prices will have go where to go but up.

Condo Buying Risks- Pending Litigation Pitfall

April 13th, 2015 by Michael Oliver

"Tucson AZ condos for sale"

Condo Buying Has Risks Most Buyers/ Owners Never Realize Potential Litigation Ranks Among Them.

Many people like the idea of condo ownership specifically those looking only for seasonal property. These buyers associate condo ownership as a lock and leave situation as the home owners association takes care of all of the day to day maintenance of pool(s), gates, common grounds, roof, parking, etc. For the most part all this is true but what happens when the home owner association either doesn’t follow through or is negligent affecting other owners units?

When Is It Best To List Your House For Sale?

March 23rd, 2015 by Michael Oliver

When Selling Your Home For Top Dollar The Timing Of When It Hits The Market Matters A Lot!

When is the best time to list your home for sale? Well, that simply depends on what kind of home you have one thing is for sure though regardless, next to the asking price;

The most important aspect of how much and how fast your home will sell for is the timing! The real estate market is just like any other marketplace with buyers and sellers constantly entering and leaving the marketplace. Supply and demand in within a housing market have generally speaking trends they follow. For instance in Tucson Arizona these are some of the submarkets that unfold throughout the year.

Tucson Neighborhoods That Should See Above Average Appreciation

March 2nd, 2015 by Michael Oliver

High End Remodels Are A Great Sign That A Neighborhood Is Experiencing A Gentrification/ Surge In Prices. This Tucson Country Club Home Is One Example Of Neighborhoods In Tucson Seeing This. Here Is A List Of Other Neighborhoods That Fit The Criteria!

In an earlier post I talked about how to find neighborhoods that have the ingredients for higher than average home appreciation. Now let’s take a look at some of the best Tucson area neighborhoods that would fit the criteria. Here is my top 5 list;

How To Identify Neighborhoods That Should Appreciate At An Above Average Rate

February 23rd, 2015 by Michael Oliver

Tips to find the best homes for sale that appreciate at above average rates.

It's Been Statistically Proven Homes Within 1/4 Mile Of Starbucks Appreciate At A Higher Rate Than Those Further Away! Learn What Other Above Average Appreciation Identifiers To Look For When Buying A Home!

Let’s face it when buying a home part of the decision is emotional, the other part if you are being honest is financial. Homeowners enjoy a net worth that depending on the study is 30-35x’s higher than a renter.

This net wealth effect comes from two sources for the homeowner; debt pay-down, and in most situations to a greater effect home appreciation.

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