What Type Of Research Should You Do When Buying A House? Here Is An Idea What You As A Buyer Should Look Into

April 1st, 2010 by Michael Oliver

When buying a home an incredible amount of time and effort is spent just researching everything that has to do with housing and your

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When looking to buy a home do the proper research before you do anything!

local real estate market. So for those that want to get a list or idea what are some important things to look into when buying a home or what your Realtor is doing while he/ she is assisting you many would be surprised at the raw amount of research and time that goes into doing your due diligence on a home purchase.

What Home Loan/ Mortgage Options Are Available To First Time Tucson Arizona Buyers? FHA and VA Loans In Tucson

February 18th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

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FHA and VA Loans Allow First Time Buyers to Buy A Home With Little Down

In Tucson Arizona first time buyers have different options as far as mortgage/ home loans. An FHA loan in Tucson is a great loan for first time buyers. The FHA home loan/ mortgage (Federal Housing Administration) is guaranteed by the Federal  Government through the FHA for mainly first time homebuyers to obtain real estate financing. An FHA Loan requires just a 3.5% down payment and closing costs can be paid for by the seller if negotiated into the purchase agreement by your Realtor. FHA loans are generally easy to obtain and the vast majority of first time buyers in today’s market are using them to buy their first Tucson home. This loan was set up during the depression and has literally helped tens of thousands of first time buyers in Tucson over the years. Currently over 2500 Tucson First Time Home Buyer Homes Available!

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Tucson Arizona Homes For Sale- Homes In Tucson Arizona For Sale- Where To Find The Most Tucson AZ Homes For Sale?

January 26th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

Looking for a Tucson Arizona Homes For Sale? Generally the best place to find Homes For Sale In Tucson Arizona is by using a local Realtor’s website that has direct assess to the MLS. In Tucson Homes are placed on the Tucson Association Of Realtors Multiple Listing Service (or TARMLS for short). Many other home listing sources do NOT list all the listings available in the market. Believe it or not sites such as Zillow.com and Trulia while it looks like they have all the listings routinely only generally carry 85%-90% of the homes for sale. The reason for this is they simply “scrape” the listings they find off of other sources and sometimes (most of the time) there is a lag in the time from when homes hit the market to the time Zillow, or Trulia identifies the new listing. In addition they have a very hard time keeping up with the price changes and newest info on the homes for sale especially with Tucson Arizona homes for sale as it is not a major market such as Seattle or New York.

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Loan Modifications Done By Bankruptcy Judges Good Idea Or Bad?

January 3rd, 2009 by Michael Oliver

Here’s a video from Fox Business talking about the new regulations (this is what Obama Administration has planned) for bankruptcy judges to be allowed to modify a borrowers mortgage so that it is more reasonable for the borrowers situation.

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