How To Identify Neighborhoods That Should Appreciate At An Above Average Rate

February 23rd, 2015 by Michael Oliver

Tips to find the best homes for sale that appreciate at above average rates.

It's Been Statistically Proven Homes Within 1/4 Mile Of Starbucks Appreciate At A Higher Rate Than Those Further Away! Learn What Other Above Average Appreciation Identifiers To Look For When Buying A Home!

Let’s face it when buying a home part of the decision is emotional, the other part if you are being honest is financial. Homeowners enjoy a net worth that depending on the study is 30-35x’s higher than a renter.

This net wealth effect comes from two sources for the homeowner; debt pay-down, and in most situations to a greater effect home appreciation.

$100M+ Bids Proposed For Downtown Project Just Announced

August 15th, 2014 by Michael Oliver

Just out today two developers proposed their own version of a $100M+ Project for the Rio Nuevo project just east of I-10 next to the TCC. You can read about the developments here; http://realestatedaily-news.com/two-100-million-projects-bid-arena-lot-rio-nuevo-district/

Regardless of who gets the project the downtown district is becoming a hub of development and prosperity compered to what it was just 10 years ago. For those looking to buy in the district home prices are high for Tucson (around $400k gets you a decent property with fixers going for as low as low $100k’s) but low compared to what the pricing will be once some of these large projects get finished and everyone can see what downtown Tucson has become. Armory Park, Iron Horse, Presidio, and all the other neighborhoods connected to within walking distance of downtown should directly benefit from the gentrification going on within the downtown Tucson district. For more info on the housing options available downtown call or email us thanks!

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University High In Tucson AZ Ranked #4 Nationally For High Schools #1 In Arizona

May 21st, 2012 by Michael Oliver

University High In Tucson Arizona Ranked #1 In Arizona For High Schools and #4 Nationally

In running through all the info I read about the Tucson housing market I came across this: University High Ranked #4 Best high School In America and #1 In Arizona by U.S. News & World Report. It’s pretty simple in real estate (specifically residential) the quality of school district has a lot to do with the value of the homes within their district. More then likely you will see a major push by families within the Tucson region wanting to be within the University High district, this will increase prices near the school over the next couple of years without question.

Sam Hughes By University Of Arizona Neighborhood- Homes/Realtors/ Real Estate For Sale- Central Tucson

November 28th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

Sam Hughes Neighborhood near the University Of Arizona is and has been the best known neighborhood in Tucson for many years.Initially developed during the 1920′s as new housing for professors and other higher level employees of the University, Sam Hughes grew and filled out becoming an entire 2 blocks of central Tucson. The boundaries that make up the Sam Hughes block is Campbell as the western border, Speedway to the North, Broadway as the southern border and Country Club as the  eastern border.

Neighborhood Profile of Sam Hughes-

Armory Park Tucson- Neighborhood History, Type Of Homes Found There, And What Makes It So Highly Desirable

August 17th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

The Southern Pacific Railroad Came To Tucson in 1880 And Changed The City Forever. The Railroad Created A Population Boom In Tucson Which Armory Park Was Developed Because Of

Tucson’s Armory Park runs from 12th to 19th street and from Stone to 2nd Avenue. This area runs about 30 blocks and the historic neighborhood district derives its name from the area where the armory was located when Federal troops were stationed in Tucson (downtown) here in the mid 1800′s as Tucson was regularly raided by Apache Indians at the time. After the troops caused a lot of issues with the citizens of early Tucson they were pushed away from the downtown garrison and took up a position where Fort Lowell is today. Prior to this they made camp at “Camp Lowell” for a few years.

Downtown Tucson AZ’s First Residential El Presido Neighborhood Profile- Historic (Old) Tucson Homes For Sale

August 7th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

The corner of Main Avenue and Alameda back in the Presidio days.

Downtown Tucson’s El Presidio neighborhood has a long history as far back as Tucson. The neighborhood encompasses the area of the former Presidio the Spanish built to protect the small trading city that Tucson was becoming in the mid 1700′s. In 1775 Presidio San Augustin del Tucson was constructed to protect the city from Apache raids that had become a serious problem to the settlers in the area. This original Presidio (Fortress) was built by the Spanish along the present day Washington Street on the north, then just west of Court Avenue for its western boundary, as far south as Pennington Street and to the east boundary of today’s Main Avenue. (Main Ave was also part of the original “Royal Road”/ also known as Calle Real that lead from Mexico City to the west coast from the early 1700′s.)

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