Can The Tucson/ National Real Estate Market(s) Handle The End Of The $8,000 Home Buyer Tax Credit?

April 26th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

I was recently featured in a news story on the expiration of the tax credit for channel 4 KVOA. Here is the video-

The big question this week is whether or not the Tucson/ National real estate market(s) will be alright after the $8,000 tax credit expires on Friday. For those that read this blog you already know I am concerned about it, yet I also watch the stats, figures, and trends as close (or closer) then any other Realtor in town and truly think the market can handle the expiration of the tax credit. I expect the market to lag for a couple of months as buyer demand was pulled forward yet I also expect the raw afford-ability of homes as well as an improving economy to be the driver of the real estate market here in Tucson for some time.

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