When Is It Best To List Your House For Sale?

March 23rd, 2015 by Michael Oliver

When Selling Your Home For Top Dollar The Timing Of When It Hits The Market Matters A Lot!

When is the best time to list your home for sale? Well, that simply depends on what kind of home you have one thing is for sure though regardless, next to the asking price;

The most important aspect of how much and how fast your home will sell for is the timing! The real estate market is just like any other marketplace with buyers and sellers constantly entering and leaving the marketplace. Supply and demand in within a housing market have generally speaking trends they follow. For instance in Tucson Arizona these are some of the submarkets that unfold throughout the year.

Tucson Neighborhoods That Should See Above Average Appreciation

March 2nd, 2015 by Michael Oliver

High End Remodels Are A Great Sign That A Neighborhood Is Experiencing A Gentrification/ Surge In Prices. This Tucson Country Club Home Is One Example Of Neighborhoods In Tucson Seeing This. Here Is A List Of Other Neighborhoods That Fit The Criteria!

In an earlier post I talked about how to find neighborhoods that have the ingredients for higher than average home appreciation. Now let’s take a look at some of the best Tucson area neighborhoods that would fit the criteria. Here is my top 5 list;

How To Identify Neighborhoods That Should Appreciate At An Above Average Rate

February 23rd, 2015 by Michael Oliver

Tips to find the best homes for sale that appreciate at above average rates.

It's Been Statistically Proven Homes Within 1/4 Mile Of Starbucks Appreciate At A Higher Rate Than Those Further Away! Learn What Other Above Average Appreciation Identifiers To Look For When Buying A Home!

Let’s face it when buying a home part of the decision is emotional, the other part if you are being honest is financial. Homeowners enjoy a net worth that depending on the study is 30-35x’s higher than a renter.

This net wealth effect comes from two sources for the homeowner; debt pay-down, and in most situations to a greater effect home appreciation.

Below Market Catalina Foothills Homes For Sale

September 11th, 2014 by Michael Oliver

Tucson, AZ 85750 This home is a raw value 2819sf, with a pool for $254k but it needs updates/ other repair work.

In the Catalina Foothills market there are currently a few options for those buyers wanting under market/ raw value homes. The market in the Foothills is strong specifically under $750k right now as buyers are looking to move into and up within the high quality neighborhoods of 85718, 85750, and also parts of 85704 as well as 85749. Recently several high end foreclosures ($500k+) have found buyers quickly indicating the buyers in the market are switching to raw values vs just paying for a finished home. Earlier this summer you could always find 2-3 higher end foreclosures on the market today none exist below $400k.

Zip Codes 85757 and 85706 Sold Out 85741 Not Far Behind

May 4th, 2012 by Michael Oliver

To give those an idea of how fast the housing market in Tucson is moving zip codes 85757 and 85706 (both predominately first time buyer price ranges and housing inventory) literally sold 100% of the inventory they had in March. According to the Tucson Association of Realtors never before could it be found where 100% of a zip codes inventory had been sold in two months more-less one.

This again demonstrates that up to the $150k price level homes are in high demand, bidding wars are common and investor cash is flooding the market.

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Tucson Catalina Foothills Zip 85718 Real Estate, Homes, Property Trends and Stats

January 24th, 2011 by Michael Oliver

The Catalina Foothills zip 85718 is the highest end residential district within Tucson.

Here are all the statistics for The Catalina Foothills 85718 Zip Code

Homes there sell for the highest dollar amount, offer some of the best views, as well as feature some of the best properties available within the southwestern United States for sale. Here are in-depth statistics for those interested in what real estate in the 85718 zip code has been doing over the past several years. I went through all the numbers from 2005 and the past 6 months as well. In the past 6 months 85718 real estate has still been coming down in price even more then 2010 would indicate here is what it looks like:

Westin La Paloma- Homes For Sale, Neighborhood Profile For One Of The Catalina Foothills Best Neighborhoods

November 24th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

The La Paloma Neighborhood (hotel and resort operations owned and operated by The Westin Hotel Company) is among

La Paloma is one of Tucson's best know and highest end developments. Learn all about it's real estate market here.

the highest end Tucson neighborhoods available in the Catalina Foothills on Tucson’s north side of town. La Paloma is a vast neighborhood encompassing many different types of homes from condos to patio and town homes to single family homes and on the high side estate status properties are all available within La Paloma.

Community Profile Of La Paolma-

A.F. Sterling’s New Neighborhood/ Development The Villages at Riverwalk In The Catalina Foothills 85718

June 15th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

"A.F. Sterling Villages At Riverwalk Town home Neighborhood"

These new town homes and regular single family homes within the gated Villages At Riverwalk in the Foothills offers a premium residential development for a great price.

A.F. Sterling just opened a new development re-named “The Villages at Riverwalk” which they purchased from a lender after the Hacienda Del Sol town homes built by River Elk LLC  was foreclosed upon. The project was  originally scheduled for 140 upscale town homes of which 21 were actually developed when progress stopped as the market conditions forced the previous developer to stop all work and surrender the development to the lender. A.F. Sterling purchased the 108 remaining lots for sale from Arizona National Bank for $3.1 million which seems like an amazing price of $27,800 per lot…. For prime foothills real estate that’s an amazing price, yet probably also a good deal for the lender as finding developers ready and willing to take on previously failed real estate developments is far and few between in todays marketplace.

Catalina Foothills/ 85718 Real Estate Report For 6-7-10

June 8th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

Today in the Catalina Foothills real estate market several changes occurred here is the summary of the changes:

New Listings To Hit The Market-

MLS# 21023308 Located at: 7020 N SKYWAY Drive Tucson, AZ 85718: This new foothills listing within Skyline Foothills

"7020 N SKYWAY Drive Tucson, AZ 85718"

This new listing in Skyline came on the market today and represents a solid value for over 2500sf priced at $465k in Skyline

Estates comes on the market today and is a 2683sf, 3/2.5, on just over 3/4 of an acre lot, priced at $465,000. This burnt adobe home sits atop a ridge and offers amazing city and mountain views. This home for Skyline with its size and updates is a good deal for the market as it is under $500k for over 2500sf with no real updates or repairs needed right away in a highly demanded neighborhood which Skyline is.

Catalina Foothills Real Estate Report For 5-27 85718 Zip Code

May 27th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

"5675 N Camino Esplendora 2211 Tucson, AZ 85718"

This condo in Dakotah Hills came on the market today and at $165k for 1362sf is a great price

Since this is the end of the month all of the real estate data starts to pour in, homes close escrow, new homes hit the market as well as other properties find buyers and start their inspection processes. In the Catalina Foothills today several of these transactions occurred here is the wrap-up-

New Listings To Come On The Market In The Catalina Foothills Today-

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