Historic Tucson Arizona Homes For Sale; What To Know About Them And Their Neighborhoods- How To Find Them?

June 2nd, 2010 by Michael Oliver

"Sam Hughes House In El Presidio Tucson AZ

The Sam Hughes House within the El Presidio Neighborhood in downtown Tucson. A different neighborhood The "Sam Hughes" neighborhood near the University would be named after him years later

Historic Tucson Homes For Sale are always some of the most demanded segments of Tucson Real Estate. Why? Simply put buyers cannot beat the locations, charm, character, and craftsmanship of the Tucson homes built previous to the 1950′s. In Tucson some homes such as those within “El Presidio” neighborhood date to the mid to late 1800′s the adobe style and downtown location those homes offer for some buyers is impossible to not be a part of.

Other acclaimed Tucson historic neighborhoods such as El Encanto, Sam Hughes Neighborhood, and Catalina Vista each offering its own common style of home unique to its own neighborhood.

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Whats the most important thing to understand about buying a Tucson historic home/neighborhood?

The neighborhood is everything the more famous the higher the prices and the more constant the demand is for it. Take a classic example of the historic El Encanto and its sister neighborhood of Colonia Solana across the street (across Broadway/Colonia Solana is south of Broadway and El Encanto in North) The same size and features home in El Encanto sells for anywhere from 10%-15% more then a home of like quality and amenities within Colonia Solana. Why? The name and reputation of the neighborhood. Everyone in Tucson knows El Encanto was Tucson first “Luxury Housing development” business leaders and other notable Tucson residents built homes within El Encanto as a status symbol to their wealth and status. The same sort of thing happened across the street yet it’s El Encanto that remains the “old money neighborhood of Tucson” not Colonia Solana.

If you would like help finding or learning more about historic homes available in Tucson for sale or would like to look into putting your historic Tucson home on the market call/email me and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

This is true of many of other historic neighborhood in Tucson. The best known neighborhood sell for a premium mostly because the neighborhood is known to anyone in Tucson as a highly coveted and historic one. Sam Hughes is another perfect example tell anyone you own a home in Sam Hughes and they know what you are talking about and are probably impressed. Tell them you own a home in Blenman-Elm and while some may know it you are not going to get the same response “Sam Hughes Neighborhood” carries with it even though the home types and locations are not all that different.

As a word of advice I always suggest to clients if they can afford the better name/ more well known neighborhood it is absolutely worth the premium you pay to live within it.


To me it’s very simple as Tucson continues to grow there is only so much room (about none) for new housing in Central Tucson and even less within the historic neighborhoods. This being the case it’s a simple supply and demand situation. Only about 150 homes are in El Encanto and its reputation is probably never going to make it less demanded only more-so with that being the case owning one of the 145 homes available is a better spot to be in then owning one of how ever many homes are within its sister neighborhood of Colonia Solana. The fact I know exactly how many homes were built in El Encanto yet don’t know the number for Colonia Solana should be a testimonial to the weight these historic neighborhoods can carry.

As one more word of advice if you cannot find a home of the same quality and amenities as one available in another historic yet maybe lesser known historic Tucson neighborhoods do not pass over the other property a “brand name neighborhood” will only get you so far and the home itself is the most important part of the transaction not just the neighborhood. Yet if two homes are alike and both equal with exception of a slightly higher price for the better known Tucson neighborhood it is almost always the wise choice to take the better known higher profile neighborhood over the lesser known even considering a higher price for the name as it carries weight in Tucson and is worth the premium.

Some of Tucson’s most notable (famous) historic homes:

"Tucson Steinfeld Mansion"

This The Steinfeld Mansion This affluent Tucson Mansion was built in 1900 in the Spanish Mission-style out of brick stucco. In 1904 it was purchased by Albert and Bettina Steinfeld. The Steinfeld House was the first Tucson home to have a bathtub with running water, thus starting the fall of public bathhouses.

"J. Knox Corbet Tucson historic home"

The J. Knox Corbet Historic Tucson home was built in 1907 and is built in a California Mission Style. J. Knox Corbett came to Tucson in 1880. He made some good investments in stage lines and ranches which then helped him become successful in a lumber business he started in 1892. He was Mayor of Tucson from 1914-17 and started the form of city government that Tucson still uses today.

"Rosalia Verdugo Historic home"

Found at the corner of Main Ave and Franklin. The Rosalia Verdugo House was built in 1877 in the adobe Sonoran tradition with 24 inch walls.

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