Homes For Sale Not In An HOA/ Home Owners Association (NO HOA Homes For Sale) In Tucson Arizona (AZ). Also How To Know If You Should Buy A Home In A HOA

March 31st, 2010 by Michael Oliver

"No HOA Neighborhoods Tucson az"

Is a home in an Home Owners Association (HOA) for you?

For some buyers buying a home NOT within the confines of an HOA (Home owners association) is at the top of the lists of what they need in a new home. Here is a buying guide for those buyers seeking a home in Tucson Arizona (AZ) with no HOA (Home Owners Association) and those on the fence as to if a HOA neighborhood is for them. The first thing is to make sure this is what you want. I say this because sometimes buyers “think” they want no HOA so that they can do what they want with their properties and homes. While I don’t personally like strong HOA’s I think buyers should realize every neighborhood has a different idea of what an HOA should be.

For those home buyers that have boats, RV’s, horses, certain ideas about what they want/ need their home to be it’s probably a great idea to buy out side of an HOA neighborhood. Non- HOA (Home owner association) neighborhoods are all over Tucson generally they are in older areas and neighborhoods however or out in the more rural areas of Marana, Catalina, and Vail where homes sit upon acreage. When deciding to buy outside of a HOA a buyer should realize in Tucson you will be looking at homes pre-1989 after that time almost 99% of new home developments had HOA’s as builder/ developers wanted to be able to control the neighborhood and what it looked like while they were/ are selling the homes within it. With-out an HOA a builder has no control over the development and could completely ruin the builders ability to sell homes if a homeowner moves in and allows a home to become an eye sore. This is the reason ALL new home developments have HOA’s these days, its just too big of a gamble for a builder to not have one in charge of the neighborhood while they are trying to build and sell homes within it.

Now I would say only maybe 5% of people that think they don’t want an HOA actually really truly don’t. The rest fall in the category of they think they don’t want an HOA (Home owners association) to constrict them on all sorts of things they think are going to be an issue. Most buyers don’t realize it has been proven that neighborhoods that have HOA’s appreciate faster in price and hold higher home values then those homes outside of them!

I say this because different neighborhoods have different ideas of how strict and controlling a home owners association should be some of the more strict home owner associations where people literally move away from them because they cant handle it would be as follows:

-North Ranch (On Tucson’s NW side by Mountain View High School)

-Continental Ranch (Northwest Side in Marana)

-Rancho Sahuarita (Sahuarita AZ)

North Ranch and Continental Ranch can be very strict and some people don’t like the over management that can occur (although some people really do prefer this also) yet drive through any three of these large neighborhoods with hundreds and in some case thousands of homes and they look pristine in some cases 20 years plus after they were originally developed.

Other then those neighborhoods and a few others it really depends upon the individual neighborhood and how it’s HOA views its role. The key to it is looking at how much the monthly dues are for the HOA. The more they charge the more “involved” they are going to be and generally the more strict management.

Also its worth mentioning when buying a home (or before you even decide to buy really) you can get a copy of the neighborhoods HOA’s by-laws and what is permitted and allowed and what isn’t. This document is called the “CC&R’s” (or Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) and its the legal binding rule book for the neighborhood you purchase in. Buying a home in a HOA requires that you legally agree to the HOA’s rules and fees. Without agreeing to them you cannot buy a home with in the neighborhood so it’s important as a buyer you understand what you are getting into your not only buying a home you are also buying the neighborhood and the HOA rules that go along with it.

Whether you decide a home in an HOA is something you do or don’t want make sure you consider the ramifications of both options. Buying in an HOA while it can be restrictive in some aspects keeping a minimum neighborhood standard is generally a good idea as it protects the neighborhood values. However for those buyers who just cant deal with a HOA and would like to have all the freedoms of owning their own home plenty of Tucson neighborhoods offer the non-HOA so that each neighbor can feel free to do as they wish with their own property. If you would like to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of living within an HOA in the Tucson area or which neighborhoods HOA’s may work best for you feel free to email me and your question will be answered within 24 hours or less.


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