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November 4th, 2010 by Michael Oliver

Omni Tucson National is a small but exclusive set of neighborhoods on Tucson’s NW (Northwest) side and for years has been a very highly desired place to own a home. The neighborhoods within it offer high end living with a golf course setting and resort amenities within the neighborhood. Tucson National is currently owned and operated by Omni Hotels. Tucson National for a long time was known world-wide as the host course for the PGA’s yearly Tucson Open. The Tucson Open had been a PGA tour stop in since 1945 (originally played at El Rio golf course/ which subsequently was the first grass golf course built in Arizona and in operation since 1929.) after being moved around every several years the Tucson Open found a home at Tucson National in 1965.

Neighborhood Profile Of Tucson National-

Tucson National is a bit different then some of the other high end “golf course” communities in Tucson. For starters it is not located in the “Foothills” and the buyers who purchase in Tucson National prefer it that way. Generally speaking the home owners in Tucson National are less status driven. The fact the prices on Tucson National homes are as high as they are without the 85718 zip code speaks for the neighborhood’s privacy as well as resort amenities. Also in general I would say the residents of Tucson National are mostly retirees, and overall the demographic is a little older then some of the other resort communities around town. Tucson National has several neighborhoods and segments including a 55+ neighborhood, many townhomes, patio homes, as well as estates homes that can reach over $2,000,000 or more in price.

Real Estate Trends In Tucson National-

Like all real estate everything is very local. Tucson National home prices have gone down since the top of the market several years ago, yet the area still remains much more expensive then the average Tucson home. Town homes and Patio homes still sell for a high dollar per square foot as well as the estate homes still sell for around the million dollar range if not more depending upon the property. There is some new construction (lots available for custom homes) available also which makes for a great option for buyers who want new construction within a older established resort neighborhood . Currently those are not selling well or being developed much as buyer demand is about dead yet my guess is this will pick up once when the Tucson market in general picks up. Tucson National is a very established neighborhood in Tucson to own a property within, it’s interior NW location is a large driver for those not wanting to live in Dove Mountain or the Foothills yet get the high end resort neighborhood many buyers gravitate towards.

What sellers should understand about selling a Tucson National Home-

Selling in Tucson National today is like everywhere; which is to say it’s harder then it used to be. Sellers must be flexible in pricing and have a Realtor who knows how to market their home to a large but targeted crowd. Tucson National home buyers are mainly retired transplants looking to buy into a higher end Tucson golf course community that provides social opportunities along with resort amenities. Tucson National accomplishes both, and as a seller this is one of the main differentiating factors your Realtor should be marketing when selling in Tucson National.

Pricing your Tucson National property properly is the other main driver in being able to sell in today’smarket.Obviously the Tucson Nation name and brand allows the property to sell for a premium vs. the immediate area. However sellers should be careful in initial pricing and error on setting a very competitive price from the start as there is a high inventory available of premium golf course homes in Tucson currently. Many, many second home/ winter home owners are trying to sell their Tucson golf course properties in the current economy. That being the case, there is an over supply of inventory on the market from all the competing neighborhoods such as; Ventana, La Paloma, Dove Mountain, etc. Sellers need to realize this and price at or below comps to entice buyers to buy.

What Buyers should understand about buying a home in Tucson National-

Buyers should understand Tucson National is not as wide spread and large as some of the other higher end resort golf neighborhoods Tucson offers. This being the case less homes are available for sale, and certainly less great properties are available. Tucson National is a unique and one of a kind neighborhood. This sets it apart from the likes of some of the newer developments Tucson has seen. Pricing is a little harder to establish since there is less comps (sold comparable homes) to base decisions off of. Buyers wanting to buy in Tucson National should hire a Realtor who knows the area, specifically the home prices well. Buyers looking for unique properties that have character should look at Tucson National as it’s one of Tucson’s best neighborhoods in respect unique homes in an upscale resort area.

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Statistical Graphs Of Tucson National Real Estate-

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