VA (Veterans Administration) Homes/ Real Estate For Sale In Tucson Arizona (AZ)- How To Find VA Homes And How To Get The Best Deal On A VA Home/ Foreclosure In Tucson

February 22nd, 2010 by Michael Oliver

Since Tucson is home to a major Air Force Base (Davis Monathan) as well as a highly demanded retirement area

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VA Loans Are Great Options For Veterans Looking To Buy a Tucson Home

for retired veterans it makes sense many home purchases are VA home purchases in the Tucson Arizona area. VA Homes are any homes bought using a VA (Veterans Administration) mortgage -or- those properties foreclosed on by banks that were backed using a VA loan. Those homes are then re-sold and in many cases VA home foreclosures offer a great way to buy a home in Tucson Arizona especially for first time buyers in the military.

If you are a veteran and looking to buy a home in Tucson it’s important you work with a Realtor and lender who understand how the VA processes work. Before starting with anything it’s important for VA home buyers to get pre-qualified for a VA loan with an approved VA Tucson mortgage lender. The VA loan process and home buying process is different then other home purchases as the government has placed special provisions and benefits for it’s VA home buyers.

-VA home loans work differently in many areas from a regular home purchase. A few of the biggest differences are the VA dictates that a veterans earnest money is much harder for a seller to take for damages and I believe a Veteran can only lose up to $300 of it in any given situation if there deal doesn’t go through and they must cancel. On some purchases where a buyers earnest money could be in the tens of thousands only risking up to $300 is a huge benefit if for some reason the transaction doesn’t (or can’t) close escrow.

-Another VA home purchase/ mortgage item that makes the VA home buying process much different then others is the appraisal process. Most appraisers on other home purchases are only concerned with making sure the home is worth the amount being borrowed on it. The VA however wants to make sure their veterans are better protected and with a VA home appraisal the condition of the property is also highly considered and weighed. If your Realtor did not account for what the VA mandates with home condition you (as the buyer) maybe out you inspection and appraisal monies (which in Tucson will cost roughly $1,000) if the home comes back in-eligible to obtain VA financing due to condition requirements.

There are hundreds of items considered to make sure a property is in the proper condition as the VA dictates it must be. If the home you are under contract does not conform to those standards and the seller is unable/ unwilling to make those changes then you will simply not be able to buy the home and again will be out all the monies to have that home inspected and appraised.

This is the largest hurdle with the VA process and one only an experienced VA Realtor and loan officer can assist you with as they know what’s expected and what is acceptable in the eyes of the Veterans Administration. In my experiences even some brand new homes were not up to the standards the VA required and the builder needed to make improvements to meet the VA’s strict and exact standards. All in all these requirements are a good thing as they protect the VA buyer and make sure they are getting a proper home, yet to the untrained or un-knowledgeable buyer/ Realtor the VA process is difficult to understand and can lead to a lot of frustration when not properly handled.

What are the most popular neighborhoods for VA Homes in Tucson?

Several Tucson neighborhoods receive a lot of interest from VA buyers as they all share the same basic characteristics VA buyers seem to enjoy. The two most popular are as follows:

Rita Ranch- Homes for sale in Rita Ranch are some of the most demanded and one of Tucson’s largest neighborhoods and many VA buyers live within it as its close proximity to Davis-Monathan and great value make it ideal for military buyers. Prices are very affordable and many 4 bedroom/ 2 bath 2000sf homes currently range in the $175k-$225k price range. Home prices start in the low 100k’s for Rita Ranch homes.

Rancho Sahuarita- Homes for sale in Rancho Sahaurita is another hot spot for VA buyers and those in the military as again the proximity is close to DMAFB but also the prices are very attractive. Homes here are a little newer then Rita Ranch and also the neighborhood as a whole is a little higher end as it has all been newly developed within the past 5-10 years. Prices start in the low 100k’s for Rancho Sahuarita homes, with 4 bed/ 2 bath 2000sf homes ranging in price from $175k-$250k

Those are the two most demanded areas however all homes on the east side of Tucson work well for military buyers as does the southeast/ south sides of Tucson as Davis Monathan and National Guard border both of those areas of Tucson.

So how do you get the best deal on a VA Home for sale?

If the home is a foreclosure for sale then the VA will sell the home as a foreclosure sale through the Veterans Administration. Click on the link to see all VA foreclosure homes currently for sale in Tucson. Like all foreclosure homes it’s important the buyer understand the process and negotiate to get the best deal on their VA home purchase. A highly competent and experienced Realtor can literally can save you tens of thousands off your home buy with a solid negotiation strategy.

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