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No time to search for Catalina, Arizona home listings? Are you too busy to spend hours scouring the Internet or searching newspapers for home listings? There's no need to put your Catalina home search on hold. Michael Oliver can take the stress out of searching for properties, providing you with comprehensive home listings and full guidance throughout your Catalina real estate search.

Michael Oliver is an expert with Catalina real estate. He'll discuss your options with you, listening carefully to your needs and learning your priorities. He'll use the information you give him to browse home listings for you, searching for the perfect property. He won't limit his search to home listings, however. Michael will use his considerable real estate connections to find homes that haven't even been publicized yet. Thanks to his contacts, you can get the jump on finding your new Catalina home!

Once you've settled on a Catalina home that meets your needs, you may think your job is over. It's just beginning, however, as you still need to make an offer and have it accepted. You'll also need to have the property appraised and inspected.

Before you sign for a Catalina property and agree to many years of mortgage payments, be sure to have a professional do a thorough inspection of the home. Though you've probably gone through the property looking for potential problems, it is highly possible to miss something vital. A professional inspector is trained to know what to look for in a home. As such, hiring a professional inspector is your best bet for catching problems before your purchase is final.

To get started on finding a home in Catalina, simply call or e-mail Michael to begin discussing your needs. You may also arrange to meet with him in person. No matter which method you choose, Michael will impress you with his knowledge of the Catalina area and the community's real estate market. Want to know more about his experience? Just ask him; Michael is always happy to share details of his successes.

Don't put off purchasing a home you'll love because you are just too busy. Meet with Michael Oliver and start your search today. Michael will work for your 100-percent satisfaction, so call today to get started!

Catalina New Homes

When you're looking for new homes for sale in Catalina, be careful about going in without an agent. Often, builders include buyer's agent fees in the sales prices they set for their homes. If you go into a builder's office without an agent and decide to buy a home, the builder can actually keep this money, without providing anything extra in terms of service.

Why do Catalina builders incorporate buyer's agent fees into their advertised sales prices? The answer is very simple: Builders rely on real estate agents to bring a large bulk of home-buyers to see their homes. In return for this valuable service, they seek to offer agent commissions that are close to normal rates for the area. However, they are happy to pocket the sale fee if you fail to bring an agent along.

There is plenty to be gained by taking an agent along as you look for new-construction homes in Catalina. For starters, your real estate agent will look out for your best interests. Typically, developer contracts tend to favor the builder. Though some clauses are justified, there are some that can be changed to protect the buyer.

Your real estate agent can also provide you with objective information regarding the Catalina houses you are considering. The developer has too much invested to be objective about things like the surrounding community and even the available properties themselves. It is wise to rely on your real estate agent for employment and crime statistics, as well as comparative values, schools, and everything else related to your home purchase.

Your real estate agent may even be able to help you save money on the purchase of your new construction home. For example, you and your agent may be able to agree on a buyer's agent fee before you start looking at Catalina houses. If the builder offers a sale bonus or a higher fee than the amount you agreed upon, your agent may ask the builder to provide you with a credit at the time of closing.

Let Michael Oliver guide you on your search for new houses for sale in Catalina. Michael has experience with new construction homes and actually worked for a builder in the past. Put his knowledge and experience to work for you; contact him right away for first-class real estate service.

Selling Your Catalina Home

Get started on selling your Catalina, Arizona home the right way. First off, choose a real estate agent who participates in the local MLS. Selling your Catalina home quickly means maximizing exposure and for that, you need inclusion in the local MLS.

Though an MLS listing won't sell your home by itself, it does get details about your Catalina property in front of countless buyers and agents. There is no real work involved for you with an MLS listing. Your agent will handle it for you. This means you can sit back and relax, secure in the fact that your home is out there for buyers and agents to find 24 hours a day. Best of all, this exposure doesn't cost you anything. It is a hassle-free proposition for you.

Michael Oliver is the top choice among sellers of Catalina real estate. He'll make sure your home has a listing on the local MLS, but he won't limit his marketing efforts to just this service. He'll use numerous marketing methods, including his connections with other agents, to make sure your property is viewed by as many motivated buyers as possible. He'll put 100-percent effort into your property, stopping only when the sale is closed.

Get listed in the Catalina MLS and secure a first-class agent. Michael Oliver is the only expert you need to sell your home--fast. He won't quit until you've received top dollar for your property, so call today to get started!

Your Catalina Realtor

If you're in the market for Catalina real estate and you want a stress-free experience, choose your agent carefully. Not all Catalina agents are capable, honest, and personable. If you fail to take your time in choosing an agent, you could end up with a dud. Before you make a rushed decision, without any real information to back it up, think about what is at stake. Stop, take a breath, and get to know Michael Oliver.

When it comes to choosing a real estate agent, you want an individual who is honest. Too often, you hear about agents pushing homes on their clients for the sake of earning commissions. Michael Oliver will never do this. He will give you his honest opinion of the homes that interest you. If there are problems with a home on your list, he will inform you of them right away.

Choose the best REALTOR® for your Catalina real estate needs. Michael focuses on protecting the best interests of his clients first, and this client-centered approach has proven to be a winner. He's built his reputation on not just success, but also honesty and integrity.

Catalina REALTORS® perform many important tasks for those interested in buying or selling real estate. Though some people choose to handle real estate transactions without the help of REALTORS®, they're usually less satisfied with the results than individuals who rely on professional guidance. With something as important as the sale or purchase of real estate, why handle it alone?

You could interview hundreds of Catalina REALTORS® and never find one as skilled with selling as Michael Oliver. Michael is a top producer in Catalina, Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, and Sahuarita. Get to know him and sell your real estate for top dollar. If you're ready to work with the best, call Michael Oliver today!

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