Meet Michael


My Background

For over 12 years, I have been involved in selling homes all over Tucson, Arizona, at a very high level. I came to Tucson from outside of Cleveland, Ohio, while I was still in high school. I grew up on the NW side of Tucson and have remained there since, residing in Oro Valley for the past several years.

Currently an Associate Real Estate Broker, I have been selling homes in the Tucson area since I was 18. My career began in 2003 as a sales rep for one of the largest homebuilders in America. While there, I was ranked as one of their top-selling agents in the nation for three straight years before deciding I wanted more of a challenge. They sent me to their best, highest-end neighborhoods to drive sales of their flagship product (homes). During my time selling new homes, I learned the entire business from top to bottom and also sold literally hundreds of new properties in a few years.

My Values

Honesty and Plain Talk

Possibly because I came from the same part of the country, a lot of my relocation clients are from the Midwest. I do understand and work with a very "Midwestern" sort of mindset: we simply want the truth and not theatrics.

My Family

Heather and I don't push clients to do anything they don't want to. I tell clients all of the time: "Here is what I recommend, but it is your decision." You will not get a pushy or arrogant or slick presentation from either Heather or myself — it's just not what we do.

Expertise, Hard Work, and Excellence

Since 2006, I have been representing individual buyers and sellers in the Tucson area market. My expertise, simply put, is the result of knowing the marketplace and inventory better than anyone.

Basically, if I think I can save or make a client of mine even a few hundred more dollars on their sale, I will put in the extra effort and time required to get the very best price, terms, and properties available. This seems simple and obvious, but too many agents just want to make deals for the sake of their commission and I feel my approach gives me a great advantage in the marketplace.

As stated, I've made it my business to know the Tucson area marketplace, constantly educating myself on unfolding market trends and where to find the best home deals. I also have extensive information about neighborhoods, including their history, homes, and new developments.

I actively seek out information that allows my clients to benefit from a deep understanding of how to properly buy and sell homes and negotiate prices. I constantly stay on top of legal conditions, such as foreign buyers' and sellers' regulations (FIRPTA).

My clients deserve the best representation possible, and that's what Heather (my partner) and I strive for. We have quite a few reviews for those interested in what past clients have said.

Not to brag, but...

My blog has been ranked as one of the best in the real estate industry for local insights. I routinely sell listings that have been languishing on the market for years with other Realtors, and I pride myself in trying to offer the best experience possible versus just "getting a home sold."

I am also frequently approached by the media, and have been on local news channels presenting my insights into the market (KOLD). I have been interviewed by the Arizona Daily Star, and also consulted by the makers of HGTV for their House Hunters program.

Internet marketing and my social media presence also sets me apart. My Facebook page has thousands of fans alone! High visibility for me equates into high impact for your property search or listing.

Selling Homes is Not All I Do


When not studying the marketplace or in client meetings, I enjoy playing golf throughout the Tucson area. Currently I have a scratch handicap and just enjoy being able to be outside in the amazing weather Tucson offers daily. If I had to pick a favorite course, in the past, I would have said Starr Pass. However, the new Dove Mountain course opened a few years ago, and I'm not sure anything else in Tucson competes with that. If you have not played it, give it a try. I promise that regardless of your handicap, it will be a test of your golf skill. Even if you are not a hardcore golf enthusiast, the beauty of the surrounding desert and canyon landscapes is unbeatable. Another new course for those into golf is the Casino of The Sun's Sewailo — lots of water (which probably is not the best use for it) but nonetheless fun, plus a slope of 138.

I also like to work out, and enjoy running and lifting. During the summer, I usually run 3-4 miles a day and go to the gym 3 times a week. During the winter, I go to the gym more and run less. I also like to watch sports when in season. I follow the usual U of A teams, and I still favor the Cleveland Browns in NFL.

In case you're interested, I have a younger brother who has played MLB baseball (Detroit Tigers 2009-2010) and is currently in AAA with the Pittsburg Pirates. Baseball was always a part of our lives growing up, from the time we could walk.


Most of what I read is nonfiction dealing with subjects that make me a better Realtor. One of my favorite subjects is behavioral economics. I like Robert Shiller and Dan Ariely, who are both geniuses on the subject. I also read general economic and financial history books, such as a Debt The First 5,000 Years by David Graeber. If you have not read it, pick it up! It's an interesting book. Capital In The 21st Century by Thomas Piketty is another I would recommend. Some of the better known outlier books that I find most interesting are those by the author Nassim Taleb (The Black Swan, Fooled By Randomness, and Antifragile). They are all good reads. I think I have read all of Malcolm Gladwell's books at least once. All of these books (and others in these genres) explain a lot of what you will experience when buying or selling a home, which is of the utmost interest to me.

For a reason I can't explain, I also like to read a lot of cosmology and physics.

My Family

Our Wedding Here we are at the Dbacks opening day game.

Heather and I have been together for a number of years, residing in Oro Valley, AZ. We have three kids, each into their own activities and interests.

Dylan is the oldest. His main interest is in baseball, and he plays in the CDO Little League (Oro Valley's Little League) in both the spring and fall ball seasons.

For those who are looking to live in an area with a vibrant local youth baseball community, you cannot do better than Oro Valley. The leagues are well organized and excellent for kids from 5 years old to 14. Several major league players have come from the OV League including Ian Kinsler, Shelley Duncan, and his brother, Chris Duncan.

Maddie is a year younger and she seems to have taken to softball (after some disinterest in cheer). She also plays in the Oro valley softball leagues.

Dylan and Maddie get along most of the time, but like all kids, they seem to sometimes enjoy driving me crazy with arguing and telling on each other.

The youngest is Brianna. We call her "Bri-Bri". For some reason, she seems to get to do whatever she wants and no one appears to take action against it. Bri-Bri likes trying to play the older kids, dressing up in princess outfits (like the characters in Frozen), and watching the older kids play their games. Soon enough she will be joining them.

Recent Disney summer vacation.

For those who may not have noticed, one last thing I spend a lot of time doing is writing. I have written at least 99% of this website myself. The blog has been an ongoing report on what I see in the Tucson housing market, and it is at least 850 pages. The website also has hundreds of pages worth of info. So if you want information about neighborhood history and homes for sale, you have come to the right place.

In conclusion, I hope this little autobiography helps you decide whom to use in your real estate transaction. I know there are many great choices in Tucson for Realtors. Hopefully, you will allow us to show you how we are different from the average as well as educate you about Tucson and its housing market.

Thank you for reading! Michael

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