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Entrada Bonita

Maracay Home's new neighborhoods of Entrada Bonita Village and Enclave within Rancho Sahuarita offer buyers high-class homes for reasonable prices. The new home community of Entrada Bonita is a gated neighborhood (one of only a few within Rancho Sahuarita), allowing neighborhood residents to enjoy the additional safety and exclusiveness that gated neighborhoods bring without the traditionally higher prices. Maracay is building two different series of homes within Entrada Bonita: the "Village series" and the more expensive and larger series, "Enclave." Both neighborhoods share the same main gate system, and Maracay has taken special measures to give their neighborhoods an upscale and prestigious feel comparable to higher priced Tucson neighborhoods. These include a nice gate system, long, landscaped entry into the neighborhood, and high-end elevations that allow the new homes in the community to appear diverse and unique. Maracay Homes, unlike a lot of the other production builders, offers buyers what they call their "flex options." These flex options allow homebuyers to customize their homes to a greater extent than allowed by just about any other builder in Rancho Sahuarita. These options include the opportunity to increase living space by enlarging bedrooms, alternative kitchen designs and extending the length of the garage. So that potential buyers can appreciate the difference between the two series of homes Maracay is building, here are the breakdowns for each community within Maracay Home's Entrada Bonita.

Entrada Bonita Village Series

The Village series was designed to allow first time buyers and, more specifically, first time move-up buyers (those who are buying their second home ever and "moving up" into a bigger, more expensive property) to be able to purchase a new home in a gated community within Rancho Sahuarita for a reasonable price. The homes offered in the Village series are open, livable, and include more options than what most builders include with the initial base price of a home. Homes in the Village series start with a home named the Copper Cove. This home is a 1,601 square foot, single-story home featuring 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 2.5 car garage. This home is very spacious with a great room concept. Most other builders do not include a 2.5 car garage, however Maracay does. The largest home Maracay builds in the Village series at Entrada Bonita is the Sapphire Sky. This home is a 2,347 square foot, two-story home, complete with 4 bedrooms, (an optional 5th bedroom is also possible), 2.5 baths, (a full 3rd bath is also an option), and a 2.5 car garage included in the base price.

Entrada Bonita Enclave

The Enclave series that Maracay is building within the greater Rancho Sahuarita area are some of the most luxurious and high-class homes ever built within Rancho Sahuarita. The homes are designed to have the look and feel of elegance and status. Homes in the Enclave have more included features than their sister neighborhood, the Village. The most interesting optional feature that a buyer can purchase in the Enclave series is an optional basement. Basements, while an expensive option, allow for buyers to enlarge their home significantly, and no other production builder even offers this possibility like Maracay does. Enclave has seven unique floor plans to choose from, starting with the Berkshire, a 1,671 square foot, 3-bedroom, 2 bath (with an optional 3rd), and a 2 car garage. The biggest home offered within Enclave is the Stafford, a 3,384 square foot, 4-bedroom (options allow up to 8 bedrooms), 3- bath, (options to allow for up to 4.5 baths), with a 3 car garage. The Stafford is, in many people's minds, one of the most prestigious new homes that can be built in Rancho Sahuarita currently.

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